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How TSW’s White Paper Writers Can Help You

White Paper Writing Service

  • Generating leads by highlighting your expertise
  • Establishing a robust image for your brand 
  • Providing informative free gifts in exchange for a sign-up
  • Complementing your SEO efforts when posted on your site
  • Engaging smart consumers through informative pieces

Realizing the need for highly informative content to win over today’s consumers, The Skilled Writer mastered the art of white papers writing. Our team combines its members’ knowledge of different industries with strong research skills. With sound copywriting skills added to the blend, we can create informative pieces that are also a pleasure to read. Therefore, trust us to deliver white papers that will not bore readers or deter them from buying from you once they are done reading.  

Whether you require marketing white papers or hybrid technology and business benefits white papers, The Skilled Writer’s white paper writing service is here to help. Select a package from the list below and let our white paper writers prove to you why we deserve ‘Skilled’ in our title.  

$ 250
5 Pages
Within 2-3 days
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


$ 500 $ 450
10 Pages
Within 4-5 days
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


$ 1200 $ 1000
20-25 pages
Within 7 days
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Is this Your First Time Hiring a White Paper Writing Service?

White papers are an educational form of content marketing, imparting valuable information to its readers (i.e. your customers). Unfortunately, many brands are yet to tap into the power of white papers writing. If yours belongs in this category, you are currently missing out on the following benefits:

  • Capturing Leads – Since white papers are perceived as having high value, your customers will not think twice before providing their contact information and downloading your content. 
  • Establishing Thought Leadership – Just around anyone can claim that they are the best, but only a few can prove it. Through different types of white papers, including marketing white papers, you can show off your expertise and make reader trust and respect you. Therefore, they will consider your company before your competitors. 
  • Increasing Brand Exposure – As they are the most commonly shared type of marketing content, they can easily spread beyond your readers to reach their friends and associates. However, the trick is to ensure that the white paper writing service you hired for this purpose can create informative pieces that are also fun and easy to read. 
  • Mastering Soft Sell – White papers are considered the best form of inbound marketing because they explain the value of what you are selling, highlighting benefits and addressing challenges. Expert white paper writers can make your clients believe that they have come to conclusions on their own despite actually reading marketing white papers.  

What further makes these benefits of white papers writing worth reaping is the fact that it is very cost effective. Whereas you may be paying $50 per lead otherwise, white papers allow you to generate leads for almost nothing. So what are you waiting for? Get a white paper writing service to generate all types of white papers, starting from business benefit white papers to marketing white papers and all the way to product comparison white papers.

If this is your first time using white papers writing services, you are in the right place. The Skilled Writer has the experience, flair and knowledge to create highly effective white papers that would serve your business’ goals. Simply place your order above and our white paper writers will take care of the rest.


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