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Why Entrust TSW with Your SEO Product Descriptions

Product Description Writing Service

  • Writing products descriptions that fuel the emotional need to buy
  • Communicating product’s benefits to show why it is special
  • Weaving relevant keywords to appeal to search engines 
  • Maintaining your unique voice to help buyers trust you
  • Positioning your SEO description above your competitors’

At The Skilled Writer, we understand the value of unique eCommerce descriptions and their role in influencing your buyers’ decisions while browsing through your online store. What further makes our product description writing service stand out is our knowledge of all major eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, Joomla, Magento and Zen Cart. Using our experience with each of these, we can deliver the right content that complements your store’s platform and ensures your customers an immersive and seamless shopping experience.

Whether you sell electronics, health and beauty products, or even pet supplies, trust TSW to provide you with unique, intriguing and SEO friendly eCommerce product descriptions. Place your order using one of the following packages. 

5 Product Descriptions
$ 150
300+ words each
Within 2-3 days
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Original Content


10 Product Descriptions
$ 300
300+ words each
Within 4-5 days
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Original Content


25 Product Descriptions
$ 750 $ 675
300+ words each
Within 7-8 days
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Original Content


The Role of Product Descriptions in Your eCommerce Site 

Product description writing is one of the important services for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many forgo it as they believe that copying and pasting manufacturers’ content will suffice. However, there are many reasons why top online stores use well-written SEO product descriptions on their pages. 

  • No Penalties Writing eCommerce descriptions from scratch is one of the best ways of preventing Google from penalizing you for duplicate content
  • Better Online Exposure Adding relevant keywords to your products descriptions will increase their visibility online, especially to search engines. Therefore, more traffic will come your way naturally. 
  • Focus on BenefitsManufacturers focus on features and technical specifications. However, you need to focus on the benefits to coax today’s smart buyers into choosing your item. 
  • Generating Interest Around Item Conventional descriptions from manufacturers tend to be dry, but you cannot afford to do so. By ‘spicing up’ your product description writing, you will successfully manage to make your descriptions appealing. Even if your visitor does not make a purchase, they may recommend your product simply because your content was great. 

In order to reap these benefits though, strong content writing skills and knowledge of search engine optimization are necessary. Therefore, you need to hire the best product description writing service according to these two criteria. 

Excellent content writing skills ensure that your eCommerce product descriptions target the right clients, win them over, and convince them into making a purchase. Meanwhile, adding SEO improves the chances of your content’s visibility, reeling potential clients to your site through search engines. Therefore, opt for an SEO description over copy/paste specs and generic sales copies any time. 

Order Product Description Writing Service

Luckily, you are reading these lines on the site of one of the best services for SEO product descriptions. The Skilled Writer’s team has been associated with many eCommerce websites over the years. By combining our expertise with your unique products, we are sure that we can establish your store’s place at the top of your niche. So take your pick from the packages listed above and trust us to provide you with unique, captivating, error-free, and grammatically sound descriptions.

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