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About US

Established in 2012, The Skilled Writer is the dream of a talented copywriter with almost a decade of experience and a wide skillset under his belt. Lance’s name has been associated with many copywriting and content marketing projects over the years, a feat accomplished through his dedication to the written word, high quality, and customer satisfaction.

From a one-man operation, The Skilled Writer has grown to become a network of handpicked professionals with expertise in a variety of content such as articles, blogs, press releases and eBooks. Each brings their own experience to the table and combines their wit, knowledge and language skills to help our clients reach out to their target markets, deliver their messages, and ensure maximum ROI.

Collectively flaunting five decades of experience, our team has worked with innovators and leaders from every industry under the sun. From pets to finances and all the way to real estate, we have delivered a range of content to help members of these sectors. We further delve in their niches, writing specialized posts that make them strengthen their roots, showcase their expertise, and win both existing and potential clients through thought leadership.

While writing is our forte, we take pride in our communication skills. Possessed by only the top professionals of this industry, this skillset enables us to put our clients’ minds at ease and to assure them that their work is our priority. Trust us to not disappear on your once the project is initiated. In fact, we enjoy keeping clients in the loop as we may need their input and feedback on different projects from time to time.

What further makes us stand out from the competition is that we have mastered the art of writing for search engines and humans. Rather than stuffing your content with keywords and useless hyperlinks, we use the right blend of great copywriting and SEO know-how to make your website or content search engine friendly. Therefore, your content will becomevisible to the online community and drive traffic from search engines to your website.

We also go the extra mile for our clients, constantly introducing services which they need to match the ever-changing needs of content marketing and search engines alike. As a result, The Skilled Writer will help clients enjoy quicker time to market, gain an edge over their competitors, and stay in the limelight where they belong.

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TSW helped us redefine the meaning of copywriting. After months of working with mediocre “writers”, we were amazed by the content we received. Till date, I rely on this team to deliver my content and know that it won’t fail me any time soon.

About Us

Our internet marketing and online reputation management team consists of IT professionals with deep knowledge of online advertising, social media marketing, and SEO techniques. Furthermore, our experts have solid training in traditional marketing philosophy as well.

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